C L A N   A N D E R S O N
An Ancient Historical Scottish Armigerous Clan
“Wherever in the world people can be found who carry the name Anderson, it is likely that their ancestry could be traced back to the system of patronymic surnames extensively used in ancient Caledonia.”
Scottish diaspora has over the centuries, been perhaps the greatest export that has carried the name Anderson to far flung corners of the globe.  That the name is still highly prevalent within the homeland is not surprising and with the growth of interest in ancestral research, there is a considerable thirst for knowledge of who we are.  Quite naturally, people from many a nation take great pride in their genus and Andersons are no exception.  However, It pays to know one’s history before such pride can be genuinely acknowledged.  In the encouragement and support of sound, ethical and consummate research, the Clan hopes to enhance the opportunity to better understand our ancestral legacy and therefore, bring a clearer understanding of the roots of our common name.  Such a journey also brings many opportunities to develop social, learned and fraternal friendship, forming the mortar that binds us together in our common interest.  
Highland Seat
The “Clan Anderson” offers visitors to this site a truly highland welcome.  This is the internet home of the ancient and historical Clan centred on the name ‘Anderson’ (or derivatives), deriving ancestral lineage and connections from Scotland’s historic past.