C L A N   A N D E R S O N
An Ancient Historical Scottish Armigerous Clan
Clan Anderson membership is reserved for any person of Scottish ancestry who bears the surname of Anderson, or MacAndrew or Gillanders (or a derivative) including the spouse and descendants of such a person.  Any person related by marriage or adoption to one of the above persons is also eligible.  You are not required to join any organisation to acquire Clan membership should you be so qualified under the above description.    

However, if it be your wish to record your official membership of Clan Anderson, there are three ways in which you can do so.

a) Make a formal request of the ‘Council’ to be registered as a ‘Donor’ Clansman/Clanswoman where you will be issued with a certificate of membership. To do this it is necessary to complete an application form with details of the basis of your qualification and pay a small administration fee to cover the expenses involved. You would then be required to maintain a small annual payment as a demonstrative gesture of your support for the Clan.  Through such a membership of the Clan Anderson, you would be actively supporting your Clan in its efforts to spread the word about our presence in the modern world so that we can bring our kinsmen together and grow our membership. Additionally, this form of membership helps us to preserve the records of the Clan’s history and to sponsor the Clan’s presence at Highland Games and other events.

b) Take the opportunity to enrol on the “Register of Clan Members.”  This entails recording your details on the Clan register kept as an archive of all Clansmen and women wherever in the world. Fill in the simple registration form and post it on-line so that you will be officially recorded as a Clan member. There is no cost for registering in this way.  There is automatic inclusion in the register for Council members and ‘Donor’ Clansmen and women.

c) Make application to the “Lord Lyon King of Arms” for a grant of armorial bearings.  This entails establishing your suitability and possibly your lineage in a Court of Law (the Lyon Court). There are substantial costs payable to HM Government Treasury and painting fees to cover this process, but following a successful petition, you will gain eligibility to be a full member of Council in two years following the date of your grant.  Anyone contemplating the acquisition of arms, will be offered as much help and guidance as necessary to aid a successful conclusion. Please contact the ‘Pursuivant.’

Through this website, the Clan aims to act as a focus for Andersons, MacAndrews & Gillanders, etc. that originate in Scotland, by providing a focus for their identity and recognition in the world. Here, members of our Clan have the opportunity to share pride in our heritage, preserve the history of the families that make up the Clan and develop kinship at home in Scotland and around the Globe.  But most importantly, to learn of your heritage and enjoy a true sense of belonging!  Remember, If your Clan is to have a meaningful future, it needs your support.

Please accept our warmest, cordial invitation to join us
and register as a member of the

To register as a ‘Donor’ Clansman

1. Click here to - Download -  the Membership Application Form and Bank Standing Order and print off.  
2. Make out your cheque for £25 (GBP) making it payable to “Clan Anderson.”  
2(a) If payment is to be made via Bank Standing Order (preferred method - UK Clansmen only), the minimum subscription is £5 (GBP). See Membership Application Form for further details of subscriptions pertaining to Clan members paying from overseas by Cheque, Money Orders or Bank transfer etc.  
3. Post your completed and signed application form together with your cheque and/or bank standing order to the Hon. Secretary (see ‘contacts’).  
4. The Council will acknowledge your registration as soon as possible with a Certificate and a unique Clan roll number (as so many of us have the same name, it is important to use this number whenever you contact officers or other members of the Clan).

Register of Clan Members 

A Register is maintained which represents a listing of persons declaring themselves to be members of the Clan at large, who support the Clan and its efforts to maintain a cohesive presence in the modern world.  Members of the Clan Anderson who wish to add their name to the “Register of Clan Members” in support our Clan, can do so by using one of the links below.

This service is provided by the Clan to all members at
 NO COST. Omission of your name from the ‘Register of Clan Members’ does not mean that you are not a member of the Clan.  However, including your name will help bolster the official recognition that your ancient Clan deserves.

Click here for the
On-line 'Donor’ Clan Membership Form.

Click here to -
Download and Print - Mail-in form for the 'Register of Clan Members.'

Adding your name to the Clan Register is not the same as joining an ‘Association or a ‘Society.’ You will be acknowledging your membership of the actual Clan of ancient times.  Nevertheless, Clan members are encouraged to join approved ‘Anderson’ organisations with similar aims which support the interests of the Clan, financially and otherwise, and to participate in the broader heritage of the Clan.  Use the links below to access associated websites.
                                                              Clan Anderson Society  

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