C L A N   A N D E R S O N
An Ancient Historical Scottish Armigerous Clan

Authentic records showing the descents of Anderson, MacAndrew & Gillanders families are to be found in various official depositories around the UK, in published material and also in the private archives of many individuals who preserve their family history with care.  A principle aim of our Clan is to make certain that such records as can be found, are collated and organised so that the Clan becomes a focus for such material. It is intended that it will provide information in parallel with other data bases as a ‘balance and check’ mechanism, plus safeguarding against loss and/or damage and become (eventually) available for Donor Clan members, in support of their efforts to find or authenticate their own true family history.

The following lists includes the material already in the public domain, with other information on known families about whom, information is sought.
(about which information is sought)

Anderson in Bogs of Leslie (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson of Bourtie (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson, Boyndlie (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson of Chapletown (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson, Clatt (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson, Comisty (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson, Crimmond (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson, Drumlassie (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson, Drumoak (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson of Fingask (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson, Fyvie (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson, Hillbrae (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson in Ittingstone (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson, Lumphannan (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson, Maud (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson, Milton of Auchinhove (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson, Mintlaw (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson, Rothienorman (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson, Strichen (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson, Towie (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson, Yonder Bognie (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Glenisla (Angus)

Anderson (MacAndrew?), Skye (Argyll)

Anderson of Aradoull (Banffshire)
Anderson of Auchinreath (Banffshire)
Anderson in Craighead (Banffshire)
Anderson of Dallachy (Banffshire)
Anderson of Mathie Milne (Banffshire)
Anderson in Kinnermorny (Banffshire)
Anderson of Tynet (Banffshire)
Anderson in Whinbrae (Banffshire)

Anderson, Balmullo (Fife)
Anderson, Baldinnie (Fife)
Anderson of Balram (Fife)
Anderson, Leslie (Fife)
Anderson, Struthers (Fife)

Anderson, Inverness (Co. Inverness)
Anderson of Knocknagiel (Co. Inverness)

Kinloch Anderson, Edinburgh (Mid Lothian)

Anderson in Covesea (Moray)
Anderson of Grieshop (Moray)
Anderson in Gladhill (Moray)
Anderson in Kirktown of Duffus (Moray)
Anderson in Mudhouse (Moray)
Anderson, Pluscarden (Moray)

Anderson of Eskdale (Selkirkshire)
Anderson of Tushielaw (Selkirkshire)

Anderson, St Petersburg (Russia)

M’Andrew, London

Macandrew, Ceylon
(already published)

Anderson in Fendom (Rosshire)
Gillanders of Highfield (Rosshire)

Anderson of Balmedie (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson of Bruntstane (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson of Candacraig (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson of Dummois (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson of Dumbennan (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson of Finzeauch (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson, Logie Coldstone (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson of Merdrum (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson, Migvie, (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson of Milton of Noth (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson of Newton of Premnay (Aberdeenshire).
Anderson of Phingask (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson of Pourin (Aberdeenshire)
Anderson, Tarland (Aberdeenshire)
Seton-Anderson of Mounie (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Leitfie (Angus)
Anderson, Auchrannie (Angus)

Anderson of (Wester-) Ardbrake (Banffshire)
Anderson of Westerton (Banffshire)
Anderson, Fordyce (Banffshire)

Anderson of Rispond House (Caithness)
Anderson, Wick (Caithness)

Anderson of Stobcross (Dumbartonshire)
Anderson of Tulliechewan (Dunbartonshire)

Anderson of Winterfield (East Lothian)
Anderson of Stoneyhill (East Lothian)
Anderson of Whitburgh (East Lothian)
Anderson of Windygoul (East Lothian)
Anderson of St Germain (East Lothian)

Anderson of Northfield (Fife)
Anderson, Freuchie (Fife)
Anderson of Pittormie (Fife)
Anderson of Montrave (Fife)
Anderson of Kingask (Fife)
Anderson of Newbigging (Fife)
Anderson of Croft House (Fife)
Anderson, Dunfermline (Fife)

Anderson of Dowhill (Glasgow, Lanarkshire)
Anderson of Bowdenlea (Lanarkshire)
Anderson of Cleugh (Lanarkshire)

Anderson of Bishopmill (Moray)
Anderson, Boharm (Moray)
Anderson of Greens (Moray)
Anderson of Kinneddar (Moray)
Anderson of Linkwood (Moray)

Anderson of Dumbarnie (Perthshire)
Anderson of Inchyra (Perthshire)

Anderson, Paisley (Renfrewshire)

Anderson of Millheugh (Roxbroughshire)

Anderson of Tannoch (Stirlingshire)

Anderson of Cobbinshaw (West Lothian)
Anderson of Fassinfern (West Lothian)

Anderson of Fermoy (Co Cork)
Anderson of Flushtown & Bawn (Co Tyrone)
Anderson of Foxhill (Co Donegal)
Anderson of Grace Dieu (Waterford)
Anderson of Moville (Co Donegal)

Anderson of Mill Hill (Middlesex)
Anderson of Waverley (Surrey)
Gayer-Anderson of Lavenham (Suffolk)
McAndrew of Headley Park (Hampshire)
MacAndrew of Pallinghurst (Sussex)